Clearview Voice, is a client focused VoIP Provider. Our mission is to help companies maximize their business potential by designing, developing and installing technological solutions so they can effectively utilize information technology. Our VoiP services allow you to focus on your business, and let us run your day-to-day technology.

Our strategy is to determine and employ the right information and systems technology solution for your business needs. We offer a variety of services from advanced systems design and integration to fully manged outsourced technical support teams.

We analyze your business, we listen to you, we talk to your partners and your customers and we look at your competition. We know the time pressures you are under and the limited time you have to succeed. We apply our years of professional and business experience. We show you what you need to know and let you make the decisions on how to proceed.

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About Us

The company was founded in 2003 by Joseph Freer, and primarily focuses on concierge technological services – seamless end to end integration throughout the entire technological life cycle. From procurement/purchasing to final installations, we will take the pain out of technology. We have been proudly and efficiently serving the NYC area for over 15 years and offer a wider range of solutions customized to various verticals. We provide system integration and strategic consulting right through to IT implementation to customers. We have been providing the highest quality service and products to satisfy all your technology needs.

With meticulous detail and attention to the customer’s needs and desires, Clearview Technologies provides complete technological solutions, while enjoying the industry’s respect as the leaders in customer care.
We have excellent domain expertise in verticals. As a diverse end to end IT solutions provider, we offer a range of expertise aimed at assisting customers to compete successfully in the ever changing IT industry. We provide long term solutions with quality as our main focus.